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TAI has applied various tests in the fields of personnel selection and
development. Through this experience, TAI has developed new tools
considering Asia’s cultural uniqueness and has contributed to improvement
of organizations’ effectiveness and human resource development.

Hx series

  • Overview

    Hx Series is a comprehensive online test based on a realistic management case with day to day management situations. This remarkable tool can be used for the selection and development of talents in companies and organizations including various industries.

    Hx Series presents participants situations with four different options to solve problems; these situations are hypothetical but realistic and all options are appropriate solutions equivalently. And then participants are asked to judge the level of agreement on options. Through this innovative method, Hx Series can predict participants’ behavioral tendencies and decision making style in a real workplace.

    • Problem Solving
    • Situational Settings
    • Management Processes
  • Products

    Hx management and leadership profiler

    Participants will have to lead a hotel business through an interim period of change to secure the economic survival of the hotel, meaning that the participants will have to take tactical and strategic decisions, solve operational problems and build the base for sustainable growth.

    There is no need for the participant to be familiar with any certain area, i.e., hotel business or tourism industry. As many situations need urgent and quick solutions – just like in real life – natural and spontaneous behaviour is elicited.

    Management and leadership profiler
    • Evaluate
    • Create
    • Decide
    • Plan
    • Act
    • Control
  • Products

    Hx profiler for banking and finance

    The macro case is letting participants immerse themselves in a story as a Management Associate of the SWISS ASIA BANK. In their roles, the participants will participate in a talent development program.

    They will be attached to branches and various departments throughout the bank. The goal of these attachments is to gain critical experience in the bank’s main functions in preparation for placement in future key roles. (Service available in late 2017)

    • Strategy and New Products
    • Annalysis and Evaluation
    • Decision, Supervision and Control
    • Execution and Advice
    • Client Contact
    • Development of Resources and Processes
  • Application

    Hx profiler helps companies to optimize their selection either by using the profiler as a pre-assessment to select candidates, who do match the job in their behavioral attitudes or by giving relevant extra information to discuss in the interview.
    Hx profiler helps as an unbiased and valid assessment to identify interests and attitudes of employees for future jobs or individual career decisions. Furthermore it can identify development needs, especially within the behavioral framework of a person which are otherwise difficult to assess.
    TAI supports to increase effectiveness of Assessment & Development Center, typical simulation based assessment and development methods. Hx profiler would be used as a pre-assessment for A&DC, and helps to increase cost efficiency by replacing the In-basket tool.
    • People
    • Leadership
    • Change
    • Problem Solving
    • People and Task Orientation
    • Leadership
    • independence
    • Organizing and Planning
    • Work Style
    • Ambition
    • Risk Attitude
    • Development and Cnange
    • Contact with People
    • Cooperation
  • Report

    The individual reports (behavioral patterns) are instantly available and help in getting a differentiated view of an individual, of dominant attitudes and dominant behavioral strategies, showing how the individual would react in certain situations to certain problems. Further functions, as matching with a target job profile are offered in the analyzer tool. Information of one’s experience, qualification, and interest is also provided.


TAI series

  • Overview

    TAI Test consists of TAI Personality Inventory(TAI-PI) and TAI Aptitude Test(TAI-AT). TAI test is the newest one, which have been developed by specialists in psychometric tests over ten years, integrating experiences of selection, assessment and development consulting.

    TAI Test enables to provide detailed diagnosis of a person by assessing general personality and maladjustment personality aspects, and to ensure test validity and reliability through massive experiences and market research.

    TAI Test can be utilized for multiple purposes including personnel selection, leadership development, team building, etc. It also enables to provide the full consulting services from assessments to closely related development programs.

    Currently, TAI Test is available in seven languages.

  • Strength

    Multidimensional Approach

    Enables to provide detailed diagnosis of a person by assessing general personality and maladjustment personality aspects.

    Validated Tool

    Enables to ensure test validity through massive experiences and set specific norms for each market.

    Economic Efficiency

    Enables to save time and costs to evaluate mass candidates with online based tools of which reports are instantly available.

    Full Consulting

    Enables to provide the full consulting services from assessments to closely related to them.

  • TAI-PI for Leadership (TPL)

    TAI-PI for Leadership assesses 7 core personality traits which could influence on one’s successful job performance and organization adaption.

    TAI-PI for Leadership Report presents 25 leadership competencies in 5 area based on 7 core personality traits.

    The product is possible to utilize in a various ways such as succession, talent management and assignment, and development.

    /235 questions/ 40min /online survey

    • 도덕성
    • 외향성
    • 공감성
    • 경쟁성
    • 성실성
    • 개방성
    • 긍정성
    • 업무
    • 사람
    • 자기
    • 조직
    • 사업
  • TAI Role& Personality Test (RPT)

    TAI Role &Personality Test assesses the personality types which could influence the team performance.

    TAI Role &Personality Test Report presents a personal profile based on core personality types and define one’s role in team. TAI Role &Personality Test Report is valuable for a better understanding of individual and team dynamics. Also, it is provides insights on improving team effectiveness.

    The product could be useful for increasing organizational productivity in a systematical manner by assigning right people in the right place.

    /75 questions/ 20min /online survey

    팀에서의 역할

    • 활력촉진자
    • 혁신주도자
    • 관걔구축자
    • 분석, 판단가
    • 과정관리자
    • 업무관리 - 유연한 vs 엄격한
    • 대인관계 - 이성적 vs 공감적
    • 자기관리 - 민감한 vs 안정된
    • 업무수행 - 보수적 vs 혁신적
    • 조직적용 - 독립적 vs 사회적
  • TAI-PI for Selection (TPS)

    TAI-PI for Selection designed to measure ‘General Personality’ and ‘Maladjustment Personality’.

    TAI-PI for Selection Report presents the personality of the subjects, including the effects of the subject’s personality traits on job performance and interpersonal relationships, and derailers that affect performance degradation and maladjustment.

    TTAI-PI for Selection Report could be customized base on customer needs. Add on to the basic report, it is possible to include job fitness, interview questions for determine weakness on each personality element.

    /433 questions/ 60min/online survey


    • 긍정성
    • 도덕성
    • 외향성
    • 공감성
    • 경쟁성
    • 성실성
    • 개방성


    • 반사회성
    • 회피성
    • 공격성
    • 비판성
    • 무모함

TAI survey

  • Overview

    TAI Survey have been developed assessment tools enables to support development of organization/team/individual level.

    TAI Survey systematically defines assessment factors to assess current status of organizations, teams, leaders. TAI survey is designed to check team effectiveness, leadership effectiveness and draw out development points.

    TAI Survey could be more powerful with TAI development programs. TAI provides validated solutions for organization/talent development.

  • Strength

    Systematical Approach

    Enables to diagnose organization/team/leader systematically based on concrete assessment model include essential factors based on massive analysis and experiences.

    Economic Efficiency

    Enables to save time and costs to evaluate mass candidates with online based tools of which reports are instantly available.

    Customized service

    Enables to design surveys and implement save time and costs to evaluate mass candidates with online based tools of which reports are instantly available.

    Full Consulting

    Enables to provide validated solutions for organization/talent development. TAI could cover the full process of organization/talent development.

  • TAI Organizational Health Survey (OHS)

    In order for an organization to respond positively to changes in the external environment and to continuously grow and develop, a planned and systematic organizational change is necessary. It is Organization Health Survey(OHS) to help a organization make desirable changes.

    The OHS enables to identify organizations’ strengths and weaknesses, and factors of improvement needs, and search for effective changes accordingly.

    You may find out ways of continuous organizational innovation and culture innovation, creating a foundation for organizational innovation and competitive advantage through participants’ responses on 8 factors which had been developed based on researches of organizational effectiveness.

    /136 questions/ 30min /online survey

    조직건강도 Organizational Health

    • 업무프로세스
    • 소통/관계
    • 리더십
    • 구성원
    • 성과
    • 인사제도
    • 조직역량
    • 방향성
  • TAI Team Effectiveness Survey (TES)

    A team is the smallest unit and the core unit of an organization, which has a significant impact on the success or failure of an organization, but the productivity that a team can produce depends on the capabilities of the team leader or team members. Even though each team member is competent, the productivity of the team will be lower if the team's work style or teamwork is not good.

    The Team Effectiveness Survey(TES) is consisted of 32 sub-elements in ten factors at four levels, which enables to check how well those affect team productivity. You will identify your team’s status objectively and may find out ways to improve the team's efficiency and productivity.

    /89 questions/ 20min /online survey

    방향성, 구조

    • input - 구성원, 리더십, 지원체계
    • throughput - 업무절차, 의사소통, 관계
    • output - 개인 활성화, 팀 활성화
  • TAI 360° Survey

    TAI 360° Survey is a tool that a subject gets feedback from various sources including not only oneself but also managers, peers, and subordinates. The subject could face the current status as a leader based on the feedback from the participants who are closely related to job.
    Further, the subject could recognize strengths, weaknesses on leadership and the development needs.

    TAI 360° assessment model consists of 30 sub-competencies in 9 leadership competencies.

    TAI 360° Feedback report presents both quantitative and qualitative information on leadership effectiveness.

    /39 questions + 2 written comments/ 20min /online survey

    • people - 조직관리, 부하육성
    • performance - 성과창출, 문제해결
    • self - 자기관리, 신뢰형성, 윤리의식
    • business - 비전제시, 변화주도


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